Practice for medical psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a treatment of mental illness using scientifically recognized procedures, methods and techniques. 

Mental illnesses can severely affect experience, behavior, and mental and physical well-being, and can be accompanied by suffering, anxiety, uncertainty, and limitations in quality of life. Psychotherapy is advisable when psychological problems can no longer be solved alone or with the help of family or friends, lead to symptoms of illness, and the daily demands of life can no longer be coped with. 

This includes illnesses such as depression, anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorders, adjustment disorders or body-related ailments that cannot be adequately explained by physical causes. 

All psychotherapeutic treatments have in common that they take place via personal conversation, which can be supplemented by special methods and techniques (e.g. free communication of thoughts and ideas, concrete tasks to cope with anxieties, for example.
The medical psychotherapy practice of the MVZ offers outpatient psychotherapy according to the methods of behavioral therapy.

The usual individual treatments usually have a duration of 50 minutes. An essential condition for the success of any psychotherapy is a trusting relationship between the patient and the therapist, as well as clarification of whether the planned psychotherapy procedure meets the patient's expectations. 

On this basis, psychotherapy offers the opportunity to discuss, experience and rethink one's own experience and behavior as well as relationship experiences in a protected setting and, as a result, to try out and bring about changes.

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