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The companies uvex, Hörluchs and Mergel & Sohn jointly open the E | 3 Store on an area of over 300 square meters. A variety of services in the field of optometry, acoustics and orthopedics are offered by qualified employees in this store. E | 3 thus stands for 3 experts under one roof for the areas of eye, ear and foot. In addition to the products, the focus is above all on individual advice and service, carried out with the most modern equipment, such as eye measurement.

uvex – Expert in eyes

Mergel & Sohn – Expert in orthopedics

Hörluchs – Expert for best hearing

made for your eyes - made in uvex. As one of the 3 experts in the E | 3 Store, uvex offers individual premium solutions for the eyes. A wide selection of frame brands is offered, which, in combination with state-of-the-art eye testing equipment from renowned manufacturers, enable optimal vision care. As a supplement in terms of eye correction, uvex also offers various types of contact lenses. In addition, uvex advises on all seasonal sports articles, such as sports glasses with prescription, to ensure the best possible protection during leisure time. Because protecting people is uvex's mission and of central importance - in work and leisure.
Mergel & Sohn stands as the third link for comprehensive and high-quality care in the field of orthopedics. Mergel & Sohn offers suitable insoles for safety and leisure shoes, which are individually manufactured in their workshop. But also in the case of physical complaints or preventive measures in the context of the musculoskeletal system, Mergel & Sohn is the right expert and supports with products such as bandages, orthoses or compression stockings. For an individual consultation, the experts are available on site.
Always one step ahead for best hearing - this is what distinguishes Hörluchs Hörgeräte, the second expert in the new E | 3 store. The family-run medium-sized company offers innovative solutions for better hearing for every age group: tiny hearing aids hidden in the ear, hearing systems with integrated hearing protection, tinnitus fittings, custom hearing protection or in-ear headphones for brilliant sound. As a winner of the German Occupational Safety Award and the Bavarian Innovation Award, Hörluchs® has been providing a plus in hearing and quality of life for 20 years now.


UVEX Arbeitsschutz GmbH
Phone 0800 - 6644944


Mergel & Sohn
Phone 0621 - 58899460


Hörluchs Hörgeräte
Phone 0621 – 658 20 200 

Zum Videoclip: Fragen & Antworten zu unseren Leistungen

Zum Videoclip: Fragen & Antworten zu unseren Leistungen

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E | 3 Store 
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