Theraneos physiotherapy

With our physiotherapeutic offer we show you ways and possibilities around the topic of health, well-being and joy of life. We offer our patients a qualified and according to the latest findings of medicine oriented treatment. The practice is licensed to treat patients with statutory and private health insurance. You can come to our treatment with a prescription from your doctor. You are also welcome to receive preventive treatment from us at any time on a private basis.
Service portfolio:
  • Physical therapy (KG)
  • Physiotherapy on the machine (KGG)
  • Physiotherapy according to Bobath / Adults (KG-ZNS)
  • Manual therapy (MT)
  • Respiratory therapy
  • Temporomandibular joint treatment (CMD)
  • Classical massage therapy (KMT)
  • Connective tissue massage (BGM)
  • Manual lymphatic drainage (also with compression treatment)
  • Fango packs
  • Heat therapy (hot packs, red light, hot roller)
  • Cold therapy
  • Extension/traction in the sling table
  • Electrotherapy/ultrasound

Opening hours

Mondays till Thursdays
07:00 till 19:00

07:00 till 17:00


Theraneos Physiotherapy
c/o BASF Medical Center
Building Z 130
Magnetbandstraße 5 - 7
67056 Ludwigshafen

Phone: 0621 67 177 607

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